home sweet home

erin wasson at home | photo credit: the selby

I am a huge fan of the NY Times’s The Moment blog, and one of my favorite posts was the feature on The Selby, a magical website that gives us a glimpse into the spaces of creative types. While I do love magazines like Dwell and design*sponge sneakpeaks, I appreciate how chaos and imperfection can be celebrated in The Selby. *gasp* messy floor and mismatched furniture?! Gorgeous.

I just finished watching Silence of the Lambs (half of it spent under the covers asking Trang and BJ for a play by play), and I can’t shake the images and eeriness out of my mind. What a better way to avoid a nightmare then to surf through these rooms and live vicariously through their beauty?

Let’s get BJ to post, eh?


BJ and I both got the day off from our jobs yesterday for MLK, so after our morning workout, we headed downtown to explore and do some work. First, we went to the Issues Magazine Store, where we finally found some of the magazines we’ve been missing. Then we grabbed some lunch at Empire Cafe. We looked at some antiques, ogled vintage library catalogue drawers (wouldn’t that be nice for art supplies), and left empty-handed. Before heading back home, we spotted a little store tucked away called Domy Books, and it turned out they mainly carried art books and zines! Our purchases included a Japanese graphic novel and a catalogue of children’s book illustrations.

Our goodies:

Yuichi Yokoyama | Travel

New Children’s Book Illustration | Morteza Zahedi (Iran)

Vogue Collections | Spring – Summer 2009

A view from my car window.

Today, I am constantly overwhelmed at the greatness and significance of this day. I find myself biting my tongue at my job when I hear ignorant and ridiculous talk. It seems nothing can convince people to make smarter and more respectful comments. But even that kind of ugliness can’t take away what today means to me and so many people.


I can’t wait to get my hands on the If You Could print series. It was only recently that I discovered this awesome project, and by then, a lot of my favorite prints were no longer available. :( Luckily I can have all 28 prints from 2008 in miniature. Isn’t it cuter that way? I also like this year’s format, because I can frame individual pieces without ripping them out of a book. A few of my favorites:

L to R: Emily Forgot, Rob Ryan, Luke Best, & Tom Gauld


Something Beej did today. We’re trying, we’re trying.


Pictures from my ride back after picking up Beej almost everyday.