oh happy day

I’m a such lucky gal! Look what my awesome sister brought back for me from Paris.

scout_holiday_colette… the flag necklace by scout-holiday  I was pining for. 

Also, in July, BJ & I will be heading to Chicago for the Pitchfork Music Festival. I’m lured by the prospect of free ice cream and Chipotle. And most importantly, it’ll be nice to reconnect with old friends. I feel so removed from everyone since we’ve moved back down here, and I’ll treasure any time with them! Other things to look forward to: Wow Bao, the MCA, a meal in the Planetarium, Le Colonial, Lego Store, shopping, no cars, etc. We’re already making a list!

I do not reproduce events

This week, we’re starting an introduction into jewelry with my beginning classes. I’m hoping for no injuries! While putting together my presentations, I remembered these two artists who greatly influenced my love for jewelry. Although I only have one class under my belt, I’m dying to make something!

08napMelanie Bilenker

Nap. Brooch. 2008. Gold, ebony, resin, pigment, hair

“The Victorians kept lockets of hair and miniature portraits painted with ground hair and pigment to secure the memory of a lost love. In much the same way, I secure my memories through photographic images rendered in lines of my own hair, the physical remnants. I do not reproduce events, but quiet minutes, the mundane, the domestic, the ordinary moments.”


Iris Bodemer

A beautiful and initmate alternative to the tape and bandages we wrap on the rings we inherit or acquire.

My Bodemer inspired necklace made with beads and trinkets I’ve collected from different significant events and places (cousin’s wedding, Chicago, Providence, favorite outfits, etc.


This Little Piggy

“First he captured a story on 4 x 6 photographs; then he photographed the photographs and turned them into a stop-motion movie. When the characters in the photos go down a flight of stairs, the photos themselves mirror the action and climb down Taijin’s wall. The effect is dizzying and brain-rattling: The juxtaposition of planes, the messing-about with space and time — it’s heavy stuff for a guy in a wolf suit, but you’ll be glad he made the effort.”



Hand drawn pattern on Gap whisper thin shirt for Thuy Thuy. 

I’ve been searching for some sheer, good-quality shirts, and these are only ones I’ve liked so far.  The shirt I used sold out online. Luckily, the store nearby had a few in the back. I’m planning on making one for Trang and then for myself. I actually don’t mind how long the drawing takes because it’s super-meditative and more productive than cutting split ends (I’ve been good!)


I’m in the process of cleaning out 20+ years of files from the teachers that came before me. To keep me sane, I’m doing mini sessions, and today I stumbled upon an awesome find! At the bottom of one of the filing cabinets was a collector’s edition of the School of Visual Arts subway posters from1987. They’re printed on nice paper so I’m debating whether I should laminate them or not.



BRRR. It’s always so cold in my classroom! I never thought cardigans and sweaters would be part of my regular wardrobe even at this time of the year. Today, I’m wearing my new sweater that B got me. Don’tcha think he did a good job?


New York. Spring

Long over due. Here are some of my favorites from Thuy’s camera. Enjoy.


Central Park

hannah_clarkHannah-Clark. East Village. 


The shop is small and cozy with jewlery and other trinkets in every nook and cranny. I loved all the different vintage displays. It looked like a page right out of Anthropologie! When we got there, she was working in her studio tucked in the back of the store. I ended up buying a pair of lion studs, which I had a few good wears out of until I lost one of the earrings. :( I think I was fidgeting too much at work, and it got loose and escaped.