Deacon Bruno’s 26th


Deacon Bruno (1983-2009) ate in great bites, drank in great gulps, breathed in great breaths. As though he knew that time were a luxury and life demanded grand gestures and swift movements. It made him a bon vivant and a man of action. Relentlessly alive. A centrifugal force. His spirit was electric and colossal and charmed multitudes. He saw a larger wilder brighter version of you that, in the mirror, you may never have seen. And he could bring it out. He felt the pressure to create and that pressure was contagious, made you want to be a part of the same borderless world of color and sound and feeling that he commanded without effort. Gentleman of the gutter, demonic under the mirror ball and saintly everywhere else. Today, what would have been his 26th birthday, we honor that ecstatic will to create and to be: his unwillingness to separate the two. We honor his volcanic inner life.

Love, Chau and B.J.

what I ate

photoFriday afternoon I drove down to Rice to attend a board dinner with BJ at Trevisio.  Before that, I celebrated the end of the work week with some candy.


Spinach and cheese ravioli. We just heated pre-made ones up and added sauce. Not quite in full cooking mode yet, but trying to get warmed up.

beignets“I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve had a beignet!!!” ~ BJ at Crescent City Beignets

figuring it out

Things are starting to settle down at school. Faces become familar, routines established, relationships forged. It’s a huge sigh of relief.

I haven’t had much time to spend on my art, but it’s nice when I can incorporate my personal projects into class demonstrations. For now all I have are doodles and “figuring it out” work.

My doodles. I had my kids create ink grounds using a straw and then asked them to created drawings from the marks.

bowsDrawing on fabric & hand sewn bows w/ recycled cloth.

Melissa (Hi, MOJO!) sent me a cool link. Wanna participate? I think I’ll give it a shot.

more maija


I love learning about illustrators like Maija Louekari. I first was drawn to this album cover in the Musikraphics book, and when I checked out Maija’s website I was happily surprised to recognize her other work for Marimekko. Some of my favorite images I posted a long time ago were her designs. Like these two:


And I bought a set of towels a year ago with this print, but I never knew who designed it until now.


For my class, I’m thinking of showing her work as a visual reference for a hand drawing + design exercise. She actually makes it look fun!


I bought Musikraphics for my digital graphics kiddos, but I happily found tons of inspiration for my other classes. The cover was enough reason to buy the book, but the inside is just as sweet. Yay, for solid reference books!


Birdcages on sale at grocery stores!? So many possibilities for July.


Lately, I’ve been feeling under the weather. In some classes, I have 8 kids out sick and my trash bin is full of kleenexes. Man o man, I think it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Some things that have made me feel better: lots of ginger ale, naps, having the xx on repeat at work, and relaxing in front of the tv with BJ.

My knit dress is from my mom. Yep, she still picks out my clothes…

I think BJ is glaring at Padma.

Broke the Shopping Ban

I love Saturdays! BJ and I did some work while we watched the first half of the Notre Dame game (GO IRISH). Then, we went to Issues to look for the new LULA magazine, but I must of got it all wrong because they only come out once a year. I bought INDIE instead.

indie_spread2These photos inside by Raphael Just remind me of Thuy.

It’s been over a month since this shopping ban, but I finally caved and bought a few things at Anthropologie and the Bead Shop. I can’t decided which Roost bottle opener to keep and which one to give away, but since BJ is from Washington and I’m a teacher, we’re leaning towards the apple. I also snagged two Vera Neumann plates.  Our stash of mismatched dinnerware is starting to grow. Wouldn’t it be cool to have enough for all 300+ wedding guest? Kind of like this…


Photo | Tec Petaja via Once Wed