floating around my head

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the wedding, not much doing unfortunately. But really, I’ll get it together. Here are some ideas floating around my head. See, I have a plan.


Sources (that I can remember. left to right zig zag): Spool birds, leptitpapillon cloud mobiledesert fete polaroid, Cy Twombly, Confetti System garlands, my fabric boutonnieres, once wed diy flowers, most beautiful cake by nikole herriott, scout-holiday place holders, photobooth pics from Chicago, fireworks via dominic winsor, save the date watercolors.

no plans weekend

Oh hello, Wednesday.

Our “no plans” weekend was very nice and ironically a lot got done!

On Saturday, we joined Andrew at Agora Cafe where they had delicious cappuccinos, outlets everywhere, and wifi. Perfect, right? The gorgeous weather made working outside even sweeter. I wish it were a little bit closer to us, but maybe once we’re settled in our own place, the trek won’t be so far. It’s been nice  getting to know Houston better.

This one was taken by a stranger who happily offered to clean my camera lenses on the spot.

Currently reading In The Defense of Food, which is so far witty and persuasive.

Probably way too many hours were spent finishing our  ridiculous save-the-date video on iMovie. Just silly. I’m glad people liked it! I started getting stressed out a little Sunday night about all the school work I had to do, but thankfully BJ stepped right in and helped me finish up some projects. You are the best!




A few things I sent in mail to Geoff for our collaboration.

  1. 1 half of the night stand top
  2. hand drawn pattern for a pillow based on a few sketches combined

Happy Friday. We’re treating our parents to sushi and a late anniversary dinner tonight. And BJ and I look forward to a “no plans” weekend. Yes!!!



I’ve been thinking about what to get my wedding party, and I’ve had my eye on Odette for a while, especially this one for Trang. Another option was to make something with my new soldering torch, but, with school and other planning, I didn’t know if there would be enough time. Just my luck, Gilt Fuse featured Odette today and the sweet deals allowed me to pick up something for almost all of my girls.

Sometimes I wished I lived in New York so I could take classes like these.

laces and faces




Bisque ware demo pieces. I’m not totally sure what color I’ll glaze them, but I’m leaning towards white or transparent. If I can make at least 25 more, maybe they’ll be used as vases for the reception. We’ll see …

Hello, weekend! I love you!

strangely calming

B + C

For me, the best way to unwind after a long day is to work on patterns. I wouldn’t mind getting paid to do this all day. The same applies to other activities like cutting rubylith, paper, or split ends. I find the repetitive motions strangely calming (One time I spent two hours at the library looking at split ends instead of writing a paper. Kind of gross, I know.)

Most of the drawings are related to BJ and me—places we’ve been, themes we’re drawn to. The plans are to somehow incorporate it into our wedding, but the ampersand can be easily adapted to other combinations like these:

  1. peanut butter  + chocolate
  2. strawberry + lemonade
  3. me + you
  4. snow days + sleeping in

The possibilities are endless!

good eats

Photos from this weekend

  1. Pasta Bolognese. Recipe from America’s Test Kitchen
  2. BJ’s guacamole for a Superbowl Party
  3. Mexican Coke in bulk at Costco