#10005 why I <3 BJ- He can make invitations for theme parties like the Lost series finale tonight. So excited!



Inspired by this redesign of the boarding pass.





It’s okay. You can say it … we’re nerds.

summer is coming

Yesterday, I played volleyball for the first time in a while with my high school students at the park. The boys trash-talked a lot, so I was happy to get a spike in now and then …. directed at them. :) Then again, I also let my serve drop on my own head, so it was humbling. It is really getting hot and humid in Houston, but I’m looking forward to summer fruit!


And I finally found another pair of shoes that could withstand the school day, bringing the total to 3! These Cynthia Rowley sandals came from Marshalls, and they’re surprising comfortable. It’s nice to let my toes breathe a little because my other shoes were getting errrr not so pleasant.




After getting our keys, we stopped by Dacapo’s Pastry Cafe for lunch. BJ had a roast beef sandwich and Mexican quiche, while Trang and I shared a pizza sandwich. It was all amazing! We also tried their cakes, and, we think we’ll order multiple flavors for July. My favorite was the red velvet, which I usually never like. And I think a lot of my relatives will enjoy the pear cake. Sweet! Another check off the list.

creme brulee, pear cake, vanilla tres leches, and red velvet

some color


City Safari Belt from AnthropologieSS10_083

Camper Twins Ruffle Sandle at Habitat

With everything coming up, I won’t be buying anything soon but I bet these colorful pieces would be fun to wear. Don’t you think the belt is a nice twist on the fanny pack? I tried it on in the store and it’s actually pretty functional and versatile. And I can’t help but think of the cute older homes in Providence, with the Queen Anne-style fish scale shingles, when I look at the sandals.

Last weekend


BJ got his knife sharpened outside of T’afia this weekend and spent all day Saturday testing it out. I cracked up when I saw this cut-out couple standing on the counter. Two cuts and tons of thinly sliced paper later, he finally gave it a rest.


Soon this is where we’ll be for the next year! Fortunately, our place receives the sun towards the late afternoon and evening, making the Houston heat much more bearable. I’m so excited to make it our own and to share it with our good friend Ben and my sister. There’re lots of places to eat and plenty of stores to explore just a bike ride away.


We began looking for ties for the groomsmen and dads over the weekend. Seven more to go …

ceremony dress

I might have mentioned it before, but I was so relieved to get the dress out of the way early on. Luckily, the first one I tried on was just right. And I’m open to many different styles, but the vintage designs always caught my eye—especially the lace gowns below.


hat tip (clockwise) 1, 2, 3, 4

Anyway, I thought I was done but there was an issue about having my shoulders covered for the ceremony (one of the many different rules the church had). Although I’m probably not sneaky enough or would have wussed out, I thought I might wear my dress and try to bypass the rule by having my hair down. Well, I went to Neiman Marcus Last Call over the weekend and found an awesome lace dress by Marc Bouwer for a steal! Now I’m set for a ceremony dress. It sort of reminds me of the 60s and it’s in the exact style as the dress below but in cream with a light pink undertone. My mom wishes it were longer and I think it may surprise some of the older folks with how casual it is, but I really love it and it’ll work well with the hot hot weather in July. So everything surprisingly worked out and now I can concentrate on the many other items on our to do list. No more brainstorming for tear off shoulder covers!


some more whimsy

I’m testing out decoration ideas with remnant fabric. Originally intended to be a garland, it can also work as a jump rope (I tested it out :)) They’re still works in progress, but I like where they are heading and they’re very relaxing to make. Maybe I’ll sew in a few brass bells to add some more whimsy.