Coming up for air

Hi there,

Just coming up for some air. Whew. My house is covered in paper scraps, my head is spinning, and 24 hours seems like too short of a day! I finally settled my car situation, and we decided to take out a loan to buy a new car. At least I’ll have more peace of mind during my long commutes to work. And we’ll both be sharing it, so I think it’s a good idea in the long run. Still, timing? Not so great.

I thought I would share this piece BJ did a few nights ago. I swear he busted it out so quickly. Don’t you think he should do more?


I’m so excited to see all my friends and family next week.

in the blink of an eye

I feel like this summer is going to be gone in the blink of an eye! Let’s see: over the past few days I’ve gone to a couple of meetings, got into my first car accident (not my fault though!), went on a retreat with BJ for marriage prep (more on that later), quietly celebrated my 25th birthday, sewed lots of flowers and birds, and drove all around Houston running errands. I really wish I were super-organized and had a few extra pair of hands.

* The accident couldn’t have come at a worse time—right on the day of our retreat + with all these wedding plans going on. Plus, B and I are sharing a car. But on the bright side, this rental drives over pot holes so much better than mine. My car is basically too costly to fix, and I need to find a replacement quickly before I turn over the rental. Oi.

Thankfully, B was close by and called the cops for me. If anyone ever offered a Getting Through the Small Things in Life course, I would be the first to sign up. On the syllabus: How to change a tire, How to get info in an accident, How to fix a leaky pipe, How to sign a lease.

Anyways, before I ramble on any more, here are a few pictures I remembered to take:

retreat bag





  1. Packing for the weekend
  2. Finished Juju’s flower-girl belt + a few brass bells
  3. Huge wire basket from Grace Hart & Co
  4. Gaudy belt from Sand Dollar thrift store around the corner, 45 cents
  5. Another belt from Sand Dollar. Made in Texas. (Clothing1/2 off on Wed. :)

school’s out for the summer!

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher’s student’s dirty looks*

I’ve been trying to tackle a load of things so it’s been pretty busy here. Since I’m normally surrounded by a lot of people and noise at my job, the silence after everyone leaves in the morning, and being alone, is a little strange. It freaked me out enough that I hid in our closet for a good half hour because I swore I heard people breaking in. I’m a little embarrassed, but happy to be alive :0 ! Blame it on the loud air conditioning, construction, and ice machine … or ghost?

Today was much better. I stopped by Grace Hart and Co. a few blocks away and it’s totally overstimulating but amazing! They have a good selection of costume jewelry and antiques + cookies and coffee in the back. And the saleswomen leave you alone but will gladly listen to you ramble on and on. Every booth had great finds, and I only got a few things this time, but will definitely be back for presents.

mice mouse brooches with movable tails

4686099443_90575a4d06Japanese beaded evening bag

teak + crystal cheese boards

*I’ll miss my kids. really.


This is what I plan to do after July but maybe with two arms behind my head instead. B thinks my sleeping position is pretty strange. I noticed my dad and younger sister sleep the same way.


hatip: design*sponge

Yelena Byksenkova‘s Private Lives Series.
Lots more beautiful work to see in her blog and shop. Check her out!