things worked out differently

My plans for the weekend included plenty of grading and lesson-planning, but things worked out differently. (And Monday has been relatively stress-free, so it was worth it.) Saturday, we played volleyball at the park with our cousins, watched several episodes of Mad Men, ate sushi, celebrated Tuey’s birthday with delcious mojitos at Anvil, and, on Sunday, we spent the day at the lake playing some more volleyball and jet-skiing.

lake Multitasking: Grading and relaxing

long_igbyShe was super-concerned when anyone was in the water


We also really enjoyed driving around with Trang and Ben through the smaller streets around our neighborhood. All the homes were pretty old, well kept up, and small but beautiful. It’s funny how we grew up in Houston, yet we rarely ever got to explore down here. (I’m a late bloomer—I got my license at 22!)

I can’t wait for this weekend! We’re going on a quick trip to Brooklyn for our dear friends’ wedding. Unfortunately it’s only for two nights, but we’re looking forward seeing fellow Domers and visiting places we missed on our last trip like Cog and Pearl.

all pictures taken from family’s phone camera

I survived


I survived my third first day of school! Perhaps next year, I’ll remember to load up on cough drops and tea cause my throat is hurtin’. So happy to see familiar faces, not so happy about the huge zit that popped up (Something me and the kids can bond over?).

A few things that have made the day easier: a new haircut after almost a year, surprise back issues of Lula B ordered, a frozen lasagna warming up in the fridge from Trang, and hearing Eastbound & Down playing downstairs.

around the room






It’s been a little slow to get my room ready for Monday. So after playing volleyball Saturday morning, I recruited BJ to come to school and pitch in. (Thank you1 Thank you!) We hung up some chalkboard decal, work by Andrew Bannecker, Mike Perry’s zine, Readymade WPA style posters, and one of my student’s NAHS promo poster to balance out the more traditional posters in the room. And B made sure the students could see my slight name change.

dress envy

Sometimes I say things like if I was going to get married again*… usually when I eat a really delicious piece of cake or see a nice dress. But what I really mean is if we were to get married again then …

steven alan crochet lace dres


This piece from Steven Alan would fall into the “this is what I would wear to our backyard reception in Yakima next September” category. But I will probably get some more wears out of my other dresses and add a cardigan or sweater. We’re super excited for our trip back to B’s hometown as well as spending a short bit of time in Seattle.

*It’s okay, he’s amused.

vain & vapid



My back-to-school shopping will be limited, so I’m looking for versatile pieces that could be dressed up or down, worn in the classroom or out to dinner. This hand-dyed wrap dress by Vain and Vapid fits the bill!

I’ve been called Mr. Rogers by a few observant students because you’ll never catch me without a cardigan, hoodie, or wrap because they set the a/c super-high in our building.

hanging out

What we’ve been up to: cooking breakfast almost every day (and sometimes having it for lunch & dinner), using the immersion blender to make orange-blueberry smoothies, hanging out with Igby who loves to exert herself and her little legs running up the stairs, discovering that all the smudges on our window were from Igby rubbing her dirty nose against it while spying on the neighbors, stuffing ourselves at White Linen Nights, celebrating Brandi’s birthday with filet mignon and red snapper at Del Frisco’s for Houston Restaurant Week, playing sand volleyball with our family, watching several episodes of So You Think You Can Dance on Hulu (That would be me. Go Lauren!), falling in love with The Kids Are All Right, and getting back to the grind with lesson plans, cleaning my classroom, and mini but fewer “omg it’s coming so soon” freak outs.



Igby Green Shirt2

Igby window

Igby Sleepy2


just a few


Trang2Here are the last few instants.

The school year is starting up soon and I am a little bit nervous!

Lake Austin

Julia Double Austin2

BJ Lake Austin2

Lake Austin Lights2

A few weekends ago, we got a text really late at night asking if we wanted  to take a trip to Austin in the morning. duh! For some reason BJ and I decided to start roasting a chicken around midnight, instead of packing and resting for the trip. So we only got a little bit of sleep before, we met up with 26 other cousins (more or less, I loss count) and caravanned to Lake Austin. Some of us only had 10 minutes notice to pack, but I’m so happy so many people could go. We jet skied, played volleyball with strangers, grilled, swam, got tangled in seaweed multiple times, and squeezed everyone into 4 hotel rooms at the end of the night. We ended the trip with a finger lickin’ meal at Salt Lick. Mmm, summer.