Happy Birthday to my hubs. Miss ya & have fun at MoogFest.


2 years old

(don’t get too mad I posted this pic! :))

in the kitchen

BJ tested out a few recipes from Fresh, Fast, and Green over the weekend and they were delicious and easy to make. As a sorta newbie in the kitchen, it was helpful to read about preparing and storing different veggies. Am I the only person who didn’t know you’re not suppose to keep tomatoes in the fridge? I think this book is going to be a frequent go to in the kitchen!


Roasted Broccoli with Garlic Butter & Japanese Dipping Sauce*


Caramelized Tomatoes in an Olive Oil Bath


Mini Sandwiches w/ Central Market bread

*Thanks for the bowls, Esther & Dan



While we watched Good Will Hunting (which never gets old), I worked on some sketches and added some color at the end.


I usually don’t wear jewelry regularly, but when I do, I like to reach for these. Plus a few are gifts so it makes them extra special.  from Anthropologie, Odette, and Scout-Holiday.


I think we had 2 full moons in a row, or something else be up with my kiddos, because the last few days of last week were one of those hair pulling I can’t wait to go home kid of days. But something I’m slowly learning this year is to look at those moments, and they are small, as isolate incidents and really be grateful for the rest because this year has been a smooth transition with great classes/students.

By Friday, I definitely needed a distraction/pick me up. While waiting to pick up Beej, I stopped into Urban Outfitters and picked up two of these peter pan collar dresses from Cooperative. One in black and the other in a dark teal. I’m pretty happy with how versatile (shirt, dress, rolled up or down) and comfortable they are. Plus, I rarely have much luck finding clothes I really like in UO that can be part of my everyday wardrobe.




afternoon snack …

finally flipping through the late 60’s book, Creative Drawing, I got at Kaboom. This page reminds me of what she would of drawn as a kid.

texas foreva

Our dear friend Ben is leaving this morning after a few days’ stay down here. So this weekend was spent filling up on Rudy’s BBQ, solving Lone Star puzzle caps at Warren’s, grilling, watching ND cream Western Michigan (I think I took a little nap during the game but I did overhear a Tim Riggins’ cheer before a round of shots), multiple episodes of Eastbound and Down, Zombieland, Whataburger, and much much more. Texas foreva.






  1. Keepin’ it classy
  2. A little music while we eat. BenK on the melodica and Andrew on the guitar
  3. Waiting to eat Max’s Wine and Dive‘s delicious fried egg sandwich & a smiley-faced chocolate chip pancake for me
  4. The plant with 9 lives. Maybe my plant-killing days are over
  5. Monday night dinner at Christian’s Tailgate
  6. Smallest burger they have.

a break

Winding down. I rarely eat my lunch during the sadly allotted 15 minutes, so my end-of-the-day conference period is a combination of lunch, catching up with work, and giving my feet a break.


My trick to getting myself to finishing a sandwich: adding Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar between the layers. It’s like magic.



Simple pleasures that relieve stressful moments: painting my nails, taking pictures, Sonic’s Strawberry Limeade, ginger ale in a can, Trader Joe’s ginger snaps (which I guess is not so simple because my dad only gets them for me during his business trips to Atlanta), and buying new makeup.

I’m trying to get in the routine of free drawing everyday. And as a self-imposed rule, I’m not allowed to pre draw or erase. So far, this Copic multliiner is one my favorites. (Hey teacher friends, you get 10% off at Texas Art Supply)