there are places I remember

I definitely got a little teary-eyed when the Dome came into view on our drive from Chicago to South Bend. This trip back to Notre Dame was a long time coming. It was my first time back in more than 3 years, and I’ve been thinking about when I’d return ever since the day I left. Finally, many things (a friend’s wedding, the holidays, my sister’s vacation, collaborations, etc.) fell into place and we got the opportunity to spend an entire week visiting all our favorite spots (a.k.a. restaurants/bars) and people (a.k.a. teachers, bosses, family members, and fellow married couples). We could go on and on about how special this place is to us, but I’ll try to sum it up: this is where we met, where we forged lasting bonds and planted the seeds for later friendships

more pictures here. I took a disposable for our trip and I’m not too happy with how the first one was developed and scanned (lots of scratches and dust), but the second roll will be up once it’s finished.


We’ve lived in our place for 5 months and this weekend, we put the first two nails in our wall. Finally. Of course there’re still unopened frames and boxes from our last place—and posters and art we keep meaning to hang if we can find the time to remember where they’re stored. I think we’re so used to constantly moving and things changing that it takes some getting used to being settled for a while. Hopefully we can make it our own before the lease is up, eh?

  1. Old painting from college
  2. Cubby organizer from Pottery Barn we bought with a gift card. Still figuring out where to put it and what it’ll hold.

saturday inspiration

We woke up at 5:30 this morning after accidentally falling asleep early and watched an episode of Friday Night Lights. I stumbled across this video about Milton Glasser on Hillman Curtis. They have a really great Artist Series you can download. I think I’ll start off Monday’s class with one of these.


Monday perks

  1. Getting to wear tights for the first time in a while
  2. B saving me a gigantic cookie from his work meeting


It’s finally getting chilly in Houston! So happy!

Pictures from this weekend







  1. I skipped Friday’s dinner and slept for 14+ hours. Bedhead at its best. Time for a haircut.
  2. We enjoyed breakfast at Nikos Nikos in Market Square. Breakfast Falafel and Nikoritas.
  3. I finally have a registration station. Looks simple, but it took my dad’s help plus lots of sanding & multiple trips to the hardware store. At least one of us is handy.
  4. Advent calendar from Central Market. I cheated and ate Day 1 already. Shhh.
  5. Hubs at his office.
  6. We tried to replicate La Madeleine’s Country Potato Soup. The ingredients weren’t too specific but we did mash the potatoes at the end and added chopped leeks to garnish. It was delicious.