Down House

I’ve been waiting for Down House to open for a long time. Each time we drove past it, I would lean over and check to see how much has changed in their renovations. Finally, this past weekend, BJ and I stopped in for brunch, and we shared a pulled-pork torta and whole-grain waffle. Both were delicious and now I can’t wait for them to extend their hours (until 2AM—perfect!) . I couldn’t ask for better timing with school coming to an end, and with it being BJ’s turn to take the car. I now have a hangout spot that I can walk to!


After shelling out for upcoming trips and much-needed purchases (goodbye, creaky mattress from Boston’s Craigslist—ew), I’ve put a short leash on personal purchases. I could be convinced, however, to get this saffron dress from Wikstenmade‘s newest collection. Reason number one: versatility. I could dress it  up or down. Reason two: the color is amazing! And three: with the mild winters in Texas (cf. Chicago, Boston) this would work year-round. Okay, I think I just convinced myself.

bob dylan

Happy belated Birthday, Bob Dylan! I remember you were all we listened to in art class some days.

I pulled this linoleum proof as a demo yesterday from an old block of mine. Can’t wait to do more this summer! One more weeeeeek.

good things

The good things that can get lost in the craziness …

A made bed, a trip to Sloan Hall where we picked up a piece from the Dream Collective aka my strawberry earrings and a shield pin for BJ, a resilient plant and organized home, afternoon naps, a gifted bowl from ND’s ceramic sale (Thanks, Tien!), shrimp tacos for dinner from Goop via L.A in Bloom, sisters sleeping over and a trip to El Bolillo for cheap, delicious pastries, taking my mom to see the MFAH Impressionist and Post Impressionist exhibit before it leaves, and a belated  Mother’s Day Cake from one of our favorite recipes -Orangette’s Marmalade Cake with extra orange and lemon juice)

does the trick

all photos taken with iPhone + instagram

This morning, we headed to the East Side Farmer’s Market for the first time and picked up passion fruit sorbet, a box full of ripe peaches, and Indian food. We’re trying to be better at using everything we buy, since groceries seem to suck up a lot of our money and there’s a trip to Portland coming up very soon. Sometimes, Totinos pizza does the trick (so bad, but so gooood).

With the school year wrapping up and the multiple ridiculous bomb threats (3 days in a row!) that have disrupted any attempts to finish up lessons, it has been the craziest month at my job so far. One and a half more weeks and I’ll have less commutes and side projects can commence!


Sunday detour- Refreshed with shaved ice, ate lunch outside the Menil, and spent an hour wandering through the galleries.

minimal and beautiful

This photo of Clair Cottrell by Jeana Sohn and Lucky Magazine caught my eye. Last time we were in Austin, my sister picked up a similar one from bow + arrows, but she never got the name of the designer. Turns out to be by lacoli & McAllister, and they make equally minimal and beautiful furniture, lighting, and other objects. Trang has their necklace No. 8 but had a pretty hard time choosing from the collection!

top photo: Jeana Sohn | bottom: lacoli & McAllis