Chicago Pt. 2

Chau and I saw a lot of posters over in the little village of Flatstock tents on the far end of the Pitchfork festival.

And here are the posters we bought:

Here are some of the impressive talents we stumbled across, including links to old favorites:

Aesthetic Apparatus
The Small Stakes

Alana Bailey
Boss Construction
My Associate Cornelius
Weathermaker Press
Spike Press
The Half & Half
Delicious Design League
Vahalla: did the Feist poster, in something like 6 or 7 passes
Hero Design Studio: did the Grizzly Bear poster
Diana Sudyka
Crosshair: uncannily mimic photos
Mat Daly: the wizard behind two of our prints
Decoder Ring

While browsing for the list of poster artists, I found some other American Poster Institute members. Makes us want to silkscreen. Maybe we need to pick up equipment.



BJ recently won a bid on Ebay for 3 old polaroid cameras. The first one I tried had a light leak, but the second one is doing okay! The only problem is when I need to close it, the top gets jammed and it requires a little bit of muscle. I’ll have to buy more film and test out the 3rd one. One of these will travel to New York with us, and hopefully we’ll have some nice shots to post.

Doesn’t Igby look so adorable? That’s the face she makes when I say “treat.” She loves to sun bathe on the gazebo next to her gnome friend. Sadly, he’s missing an arm.

Moving Forest

The second image is a shirt I printed using silk screened stencils. I’ll post a detail shot once I have time.  The bear, which one of my students helped me draw, is carrying a forest where bunnies and mushrooms live. I think I may develop a series out of this print. I’m also debating whether or not to add a second color over the first print.

One more day…

Town In the Sky

Town in the Sky

Town in the Sky

Finally! This is my first silk screen in awhile, 2-3 years maybe, and I am so happy that I made myself do it! It doesn’t hurt that my students are working on a similar project as well :). I used drawing fluid instead of burning my sketch on the screen, which made getting little details a bit difficult, but overall I am pleased with how it turned out. The buildings on the top reference personal landscapes and places I’ve lived. BJ and I are still in the middle of setting up his apartment, but I think the print is happy to be next to John Updike (R.I.P.) for now.


photo | Lena Corwin

Photo | Lena Corwin

Mociun Spring 09

Le Château des Pyrénée

René Magritte | Le Château des Pyrénée