I think this came out some time ago, but, while searching for patterns, I came across these Marimekko desktop wallpaper. I love patterns that follow a more organic arrangement. For my next project with my students, I’m thinking of using these designs and the book Over & Over for inspiration and references. Yay, my desktop is no longer boring!

My cousins came down with their kids this weekend, which meant tons of food every day—sushi, crawfish, Blue Bell Coffee ice cream, etc. But the best part was holding and playing with babies. I also got a haircut, and it was funny how some of my kids at school reacted. My favorite comment from a 9th grade boy:

“Miss. It looks way better! Before it was…”

“Frizzy?” (Motioning like I had a huge puffy ball on my head)


My first year has been going by so fast that I wish I wrote down all the funny things I hear everyday. One of my favorite has to be when I asked students to design their resume and one shy girl pulled me over and asked,”When you say dates, does that mean we have to write how many dates we’ve been on or something?” She looked so relieved when I explained what I meant. :)

Working on: Save the Dates

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