I am on a shopping ban for one month with the exception of groceries, gas, and school related purchases. We just have too many bills, deposits, and traveling to do this month. AHH, but then I came across this again on jcrew.


Before I got engaged, I saw this dress and fell in love with it. Simple and elegant, and almost the opposite in terms of style of what I ended up buying. For our reception I already have an ao dai, but I would like  to find a dress to wear at the end of the night, especially if we end up going out together. Gotta be practical though.

erez-1My sister, Christine, ordered a bridesmaid dress from jcrew and it arrived today. It looks awesome on her. Plus, it has pockets so double yay!

While I’m on the topic of weddings, I love Cheri’s garden reception! It’s a dream. She also added more flag necklaces to her etsy shop.

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