a blessing


Early in the wee morning, I dropped off BJ at the airport. I miss him already and wish I could be there with him and our friends to celebrate D’s life. So I’ve been dragging myself out of bed today, and I know… I know I need to go to school and shape up my room, but I just don’t feel like it. blah. Can’t believe this is my last weekend before work officially begins. 


Sunday, we’ll be hitting our 4 year mark, and I wanted to paint something special for BJ. Picking Philip Roth wasn’t too hard a decision, I’ve been hearing about him since we’ve met, and BJ always finds a reason to buy more of his books. “I have it on audio, but not in print…. I don’t have this edition…”  I gave it to him yesterday, after the poor guy was drenched from head to toe from the rain downtown. 4 years have gone by so fast, and we feel very blessed.

For the painting, I used watercolor on stretched linen canvas. I wanted to just DO IT, to get over my hesitation and doubts and paint! It also allowed me to work fast, cutting down on the drying time because I’m a little, okay… super… impatient. Some of the tricky parts of working with wc & canvas happens when I need to paint on top of previously painted areas. The bottom layers would totally disappear  because the paint was only sitting on the surface of the canvas rather than being absorbed like it does on paper. I can’t count how many times his eyes would dissolve before my eyes! Sometimes it was a blessing– especially when I needed to correct proportions.

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