Deacon Bruno’s 26th


Deacon Bruno (1983-2009) ate in great bites, drank in great gulps, breathed in great breaths. As though he knew that time were a luxury and life demanded grand gestures and swift movements. It made him a bon vivant and a man of action. Relentlessly alive. A centrifugal force. His spirit was electric and colossal and charmed multitudes. He saw a larger wilder brighter version of you that, in the mirror, you may never have seen. And he could bring it out. He felt the pressure to create and that pressure was contagious, made you want to be a part of the same borderless world of color and sound and feeling that he commanded without effort. Gentleman of the gutter, demonic under the mirror ball and saintly everywhere else. Today, what would have been his 26th birthday, we honor that ecstatic will to create and to be: his unwillingness to separate the two. We honor his volcanic inner life.

Love, Chau and B.J.


  • Mary Bruno says:

    This is beautiful work . Thank you!

  • Ximena says:

    The art work is really amazing! Also the words couldn’t be more perfect to describe such an amazing guy. He will truly be missed by all but never forgotten.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • Crusty says:

    Truely awesome. A man who will be remembered along with the greats

    I miss you Deac!

  • The Lofti Clan says:

    From this masterpiece and comments, just more confirmation of the number of lives that Deacon touched during his journey. Not doubt heaven is a that much better a place…the whole Bruno family is in our daily thoughts. God Bless.

  • Mary Bruno says:

    This is an amazing piece of artwork.
    and a very special tribute for Nick’s birthday.
    I did not have the opportunity to meet Nick, but went to
    high school with his parents who are wonderful people
    and close friends. Nick was so fortunate to have such amazing
    people in his life, including both his family and devoted friends.

  • mallika says:

    beautiful and true

  • The Lofti Clan says:

    What a wonderful tribute to the Deacon….further confirmation of the number of lives he touched during his journey here. No doubt heaven is that much better of a place with his arrival. We think of the Bruno family every day…God Bless.

  • marianna says:

    TRUE! He is this man! And he continues to push me to these levels everyday!

  • Joe D says:

    I have to ask, is this a referring Nick “Deacon” Bruno ? He was a good friend of mine. please get in contact with me if we are talking about the same guy.

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