Shabd SS10 Collection. So beautiful. Hat tip: unruly things.

Hi. Outfit #1 for July? Hmm. Growing up, tie dye was a staple for field day uniforms. I especially loved the event where the entire team had to maneuver a gigantic beach ball around the obstacle course. The second picture perfectly captures my mood this week: relieved it’s Friday and ready to spend some time outside!

Starting new projects like those that involve clay can be exciting but exhausting. Students are eager to begin but don’t want listen. I think I impressed a few with my (ahem) loud voice—I just don’t like to bring it out much. Also, high school kids are not sneaky at all. Why would you ask if you can make a bong, shot glass, martini glass, or ash tray? I wonder if they sincerely thought I would say, “Sure, as long as it has great surface treatment!”

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