expectedly bittersweet

Trinkets from the trip (Beth gave me a photo she took on our wedding day. Excited to see the rest)

Back from a (sadly) short trip to NYC. Although it was only for a weekend, we managed to fit in a lot—even some sleep—and I’m already plotting things to do when we come back. Saturday was mostly devoted to the Capsule Show, the trade show that was the main reason for our trip. It was a visual feast of uniquely beautiful clothes, designs, accessories, and breezy rooftop view of Chelsea! A huge highlight was meeting Jennifer, Anne and Jenny. After seeing their work in person, I’m even more excited for the new Odette collection and, like countless former perfume skeptics, I’m now a full-on MCMC convert. If only it were easier to decide which scent to get …

Since Capsule took most of our time, there was none left for museum visits, window shopping, etc., but that’s okay since good company and food made the work and stress worth it. Coincidentally, during our stay, BJ’s younger brother Jeff was passing through the city during his Seattle-to-Hanover road trip, and we caught him for lunch. On our last night, we joined our friends Beth and David for a late Southern-tinged dinner at Delicatessen of delicious fried chicken and mac n’ cheese. The next morning, we took their recommendations and an enjoyed a Southern-comfort-food breakfast at Red Rooster in Harlem. Not bad for 1.5 days, right?

Leaving NYC was expectedly bittersweet. It has always been a special place for us—our first trip together in college, our honeymoon, introducing my sister Thuy to all our favorite places, reunions with friends, etc. In other words: the trips are always deeply meaningful—not just vacations—despite being so fleeting. Coming and going always feels so sudden, like such an extreme movement between wildly different places (for instance, South Bend, IN to the Lower East Side and back), that it only hits me once I’m home that I was actually there.


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