I hope everyone had a good holiday! It’s been crammed with family gatherings for us. We’ve been traveling back and forth between our place and my parent’s almost everyday. The drive across the city takes a little while, but it’s been worth it to see all my siblings in one place and I get to indulge in some of my mom’s cooking. This Christmas has also been special with BJ’s mom down here for over a week (I’m looking forward to her adobo chicken!), she’s been a good sport with our huge and boisterous group of cousins, uncles, aunts + their visiting family.

This break, I’ve been able to pick up the camera more. The place where I usually develop my photos called to tell me they going all digital, so I had to pick up my film and find another lab. Makes me a little sad. My dad is letting me borrow his old canon slr, but I’m becoming more convinced to save up for one of my own.

Getting back into work mode is going to be hard after waking up around 11am for the past few days…

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