all social

This weekend was all social, and I’m glad we ventured out (we tend to be major homebodies) to spend time with family and friends.

Saturday: Shopped for organizational stuff at Ikea and bought some outdoor furniture on a whim (they can do it to ya huh?), saw Avengers with my siblings and cousins, played games at D&B, scored a personal best of 49 on the basketball game, and got our fill of Vietnamese food at Huynh’s.

Sunday, all the to-dos went out the window after meeting Steve, a local ceramist and fellow Domer (’74). We originally planned to meet up briefly to talk about his work, but soon hours passed as we bonded over rounds of his home brews, dog Ginger Lee, whiskey tastings, and watched an Japanese video from way back showing old techniques and processes. I learned about Steve through his work on the Oxheart website, and I’m so happy we made contact. He is such a kind soul and it was one of those afternoons we’ll look fondly back on. If you’re in Houston this weekend, you can take home a piece of Steve or other local maker’s work through the Empty Bowls project for the Houston Food Bank. We’re also planning on bringing his work to the store once it opens!

After our meeting, we hung out at a friend’s salon. I decided to try something new and got highlights for the first time. It took a little getting use to, but I’m like how it turned out. Although I don’t know how people can do this regularly. I’m too impatient to sit under the dryer haha.

Last week of regular school before finals. I’m looking forward to the summer! Hope everyone has a good week.

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