checking in

Just checking in. Life has been a little crazy as expected. We wish we were open already, but some construction got behind, and it’s best not to rush things. But by the end of the month, which is so soon, we should/better be up and running. Let’s just say it has been a huge learning experience!

A few things that have kept me a little sane: loading up on Texas peaches (I think I can eat that entire bowl in half a day), watching old Felicity episodes before bed, and lots of encouragement from friends, strangers, and family. Thanks, Mallory for the card and for everyone who has helped us clean up the space, detangled rope, visited, checked in, etc. You guys are the best.


  • Megan says:

    Aw, man, it’s looking great! Really want to see it in person in the near future, if only I wasn’t so broke…goooooood luck, man!

  • chaunguyen says:

    Thanks, M! I will record a video tour for you :)

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