yayoi kusamobile

Hi! I miss posting in this space, but hopefully that will change soon.

In the midst of trying to find a new place, we’ve been purging. But when I saw this Yayoi Kusama tribute mobile by Kim Baise at the Menil Bookstore, I caved and rushed over to buy it. I’ve been a huge fan of her work, and her artist tribute mobiles at the Menil are so whimsical. Here‘s a little about the inspiration behind this piece. Now I’m a little addicted, and I want to gift these to all my friends. You can get custom mobile from her etsy site. Trang is thinking of getting a custom one about Igby.

In school news, I can’t believe this is my 5th year. I’m throwing a big party at the end of the school year if I complete this milestone and everyone’s invited :) I have a good group of kids this year even though the class sizes have grown significantly. Good luck to all you teachers out there.



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