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  1. Perks of cleaning: finding lost jewelry
  2. Slowly putting up our posters
  3. Sushi in the Rice Village

We have one week until the engagement party and I have done nothing! Eeek. However, this year, I get one week off, so I’m hoping that’ll be enough time to get things in order. If not, no biggie. I just can’t wait to see my sisters, cousins, and BJ’s family. (We finally got another couch, after over a year without one, partly because of their visit! And it’s grey. Perfect.)



Anthropologie, fall catalog. They always have beautiful photography, but sometimes it’s hard to remember an outfit in a sea of florals, color, jersey, etc. But I keep thinking about this outfit because of the Maille necklace. I also love the color combination of grey + lime.

If I wasn’t under a shopping ban, mine would probably hold some peppermints, chapstick, my driver’s license, and a strawberry air head xtreme roll (gotta try it if you haven’t!!!)

Jen and Jackie, if you’re reading this, I think I found a replacement for my cookie wristlet!

It is so hot here! The grass is turning orange, and I haven’t seen rain in a long time. I already killed my one plant, so that’s kind of discouraging. The tally is now 4 goners under my care. meeh. B and I went to the gym and cooled off in the pool. I can officially swim two laps without stopping in the middle for a break! Whoo hoo.


Sweet Olive Shift

Wouldn’t this be a nice dress for a beach wedding or something to slip on after the reception. Actually, I probably wouldn’t need a special reason to wear it other than it’s made of linen and lace. I like the detail in the back.


Last night, we saw the last showing of Public Enemy. I really really liked it. The cinematography is enough reason to see the film. Probably not a good idea to see a 2 1/2 hour movie at 10:30, but I was able to stay awake and engaged for all of it. Some of the scenes I couldn’t watch because it’s a little too violent for me, but my tolerance level for blood and gore is probably lower than the average viewer. Very low actually. B is writing his thoughts on the movie and I’m going to make him post it.


BRRR. It’s always so cold in my classroom! I never thought cardigans and sweaters would be part of my regular wardrobe even at this time of the year. Today, I’m wearing my new sweater that B got me. Don’tcha think he did a good job?