new york


Due to some issues with timing, I broke my buying trip into two separate weekend visits so that I didn’t have to take time off from work. With 4-5 trips under my belt, it has gotten a little easier (especially when BJ or Trang go too), but I often still feel like a newbie learning the ropes, being assertive, etc. I’m sure more mistakes will be made along the way, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with taking my time, trying things on, looking at details, and sticking with my instincts. I still think back to my first time buying, wondering why the heck I choose a chunky knit, almost floor length, coat for our Houston winters. I almost did a dance when we sold it – not to a Houstonian, go figure, but a lovely visitor from Germany where I’m sure it would get much more use. This time around, I had a better idea about what does well for us, which of our customers would really love a particular style, and how to filter through all the trends. It’s still hard though, specially for Fall/winter collections where I’m immediately drawn to everything wool, heavy coats (like the one above by Feral Childe), and basically anything that would only get 1-2 weeks wear in Houston. A few things that stood out to me were layering pieces like the denim crop top from Rachel Comey, a 2 piece jumper from Black Crane (the collection keeps getting better and better with new fabrics each season), and pretty prints from No.6 like the one above.

Going on two very short trips was a bit of a crazy idea, but I managed to carve out a bit of time and treat myself to non work related activities (even though my skin, sleep, and body are making me pay for it now). Before it all passes me by, I wanted to write down some of my memories: eating Shake Shack while it’s snowing around us, sitting window side at the Butcher’s Daughter watching the first snow fall do a sort of dance in the wind — it was so beautiful, randomly running into and meeting for the first time Julia from Rennes and her husband while reading at McNally’s bookstore, spending time with my brother in law Jeff, forcing myself to enjoy eating dinner alone, sleeping over with my friend Jen in the loft (the view!) her boss rented and enjoying bombolonis at Bottega Falai before our first appointments, grabbing brunch with Beth, and escaping for a bit with BJ – sometimes it’s exactly what we needed.