During our stay in NYC, the first two days were spent buying essentials that we didn’t have time to pack. Honestly, we were happy just to make it to the airport on time. So we ventured down to Rockefeller Center to pick up things like socks, underwear, t-shirts, shoes, etc. We didn’t buy too much after that, but here are some of my favorite things we snagged besides the books BJ got.

Madewell Oxford229.99! oxfords on final sale at Madewell. They kind of slip off my feet when I walk, but I’m determined to fix it!


WarriorsRadness2Yoshitomo Nara towel (already doubling as my movie blanket) & a Warriors of Radness sweater from Opening Ceremony.

1968_Calendar1968 (BJ’s favorite year) calendar towel from 10 ft. Single *

NY_Ties2J.Crew tie & Steven Allen Tie from Bird **

Bird_EarringsMelissa Joy Manning triangular earrings from Bird

* Kudos to Lena C. for the tip
** Spotted George O’Malley + was probably very obviously about it

Broke the Shopping Ban

I love Saturdays! BJ and I did some work while we watched the first half of the Notre Dame game (GO IRISH). Then, we went to Issues to look for the new LULA magazine, but I must of got it all wrong because they only come out once a year. I bought INDIE instead.

indie_spread2These photos inside by Raphael Just remind me of Thuy.

It’s been over a month since this shopping ban, but I finally caved and bought a few things at Anthropologie and the Bead Shop. I can’t decided which Roost bottle opener to keep and which one to give away, but since BJ is from Washington and I’m a teacher, we’re leaning towards the apple. I also snagged two Vera Neumann plates.  Our stash of mismatched dinnerware is starting to grow. Wouldn’t it be cool to have enough for all 300+ wedding guest? Kind of like this…


Photo | Tec Petaja via Once Wed

japanese goods



I LOVE office supplies. A few of my favorites from Uguisu Shoten, an online shop for Japanese goods. The prices aren’t bad either. They have the lowest prices for Japanese masking tape that I’ve seen so far.

(Top to bottom: 1. clock stamp 2. graph masking tape 3. tape dispenser 4. grid tracing paper envelopes)

Today, I went to an all day ceramics workshop for teachers. I feel more confident about running the kiln and how to use glazes. Whew. Say goodbye to fears of burning down our building. I also discovered watercolor glazes!!! I’ll take pictures of them tomorrow.