rounding out the beak and shortening the tail

water_colorquick watercolor sketch

So, I went to jury duty on the wrong day! When they called my name up, I was certain I was picked for the jury! Instead, the lady in the front told me, “Unfortunately, you are scheduled for tomorrow. You may reschedule in the next room.” Oops. But, on the bright side, I was able to move my date to the end of July, after our trip to Chicago. Other pluses: I woke up before noon, became more familiar with the Metro system in Houston, and I studied in the waiting room. Not too shabby, eh? For some reason, I feel like I’m still going to be picked, even though only like 1% of the people called in are actually chosen. I just have a feeling…

I ended up sleeping in till 1pm. Meeh. Kinda counter-productive. But I did get around to testing out the Spool bird pattern. I used some cheap felt we had around, and my next trial will probably be with floral fabric. Click here to download the pattern. I think I’m going to make some tweaks for the next one, like rounding out the beak and shortening the tail.

spool_birdHelen Ward’s version

sample_spoolbirdMy trial version. Please ignore the poor stitchin’