This Little Piggy

“First he captured a story on 4 x 6 photographs; then he photographed the photographs and turned them into a stop-motion movie. When the characters in the photos go down a flight of stairs, the photos themselves mirror the action and climb down Taijin’s wall. The effect is dizzying and brain-rattling: The juxtaposition of planes, the messing-about with space and time — it’s heavy stuff for a guy in a wolf suit, but you’ll be glad he made the effort.”




PESQUEIRA TM 09 from Joakin Fargas on Vimeo.

I found Pesqueira via fieldguided, and I fell in love immediately with the company’s aesthetic.  The designer has a lot of Yoshitomo Nara‘s work hanging up in the main store, and the clothing and accessories have a similar childlike feel minus the menacing factor. Unfortunately there are only a few stores outside of  Argentina, and I have had no luck finding things online. The prints looks awesome, and the clothes seem youthful but appropriate. *swoon*



I saw this awhile at Gap and its much better in person than the picture. It’s super light and delicate, and the pleating provides just enough coverage. I’m not much of a pastel person, but this was hard to resist. As much as I love gray, its time to add some color into my wardrobe. After I bought it, I saw it was on sale. Tempting…

Happy Monday

I’m about to start stop-motion animation with my students and I found this beautiful video while searching through YouTube. I’ve been listening to Fleet Foxes a lot lately (thanks, B.), so finding this was even sweeter. Enjoy!