san antonio


I haven’t been back to San Antonio in probably more than 10+ years, but during my Spring Break, we decided on a whim to take an overnight trip. San Antonio made for the perfect destination: it was only a little over 3  hours away, the crowds were either at SXSW, Galveston, or the Houston Rodeo, and BJ has never been even though he’s lived in Texas for more than 5 years now.

We booked a room at the Hotel Havana, and it was the perfect place for a mini escape! It had beautiful natural light with skylights above the bed, Turkish rugs, boldly patterned bathroom tiles, and pops of pink, turquoise, and warm yellow in all the right places. As much as I love minimal white spaces, color will always win me over. I left inspired to find ways to make our space more relaxing, which can sometimes be an uphill battle with our limited amount of light and ever growing clutter. But I’m determined.

Below are some photos I took with my phone. Last set of pictures are from our BBQ stop in Luling on a way back home.