Weekend Adventures

I’m procrastinating right now. :) We spent most of this weekend downtown, and I’m sad it is going to end soon. On Friday, BJ and I went to Oporto Cafe, a tapas spot, where we had no trouble finding delicious non-meat dishes. Afterwards, we had a little bit of time to spare, so we headed to the Rice Village for dessert at the Chocolate Bar, a stop to buy old-school candy (remember the zebra gum with tattoos!), and a quick browse through Half-Price Books. BJ bought “the best” book on depression, a book by one of his favorite film critics, “the best” book on Italian Cinema, “the best” history of the Civil War, “the best” documentary history of Abstract Expressionism—I’m not sure when these will be read, but… :). I bought an illustration book filled with 5000 high resolution animal drawings. We ended the night at Red Door for a friend’s birthday. Pretty good for a Friday night huh?

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