A handful of images from our day trip to Round Top, Easter meals with Andrew & Bridget and family gatherings, plants for the house, and being inspired by color and patterns.

the holidays

Finally developed film from the holidays, which already seems like a distant memory.

I had my first student teacher for a week now. I was a little nervous to have someone else in my classroom, but she has been a blessing! I remember those days like it was yesterday. Time really is flying by …


Mom’s pho. So good on a cold morning. My and BJ’s goal is to learn how to make this and our own bun bo hue.


The weather is finally feeling like fall around here. Spent Thanksgiving with my huge family, and I ended up staying behind on Friday instead of going to New Orleans with BJ for our friends wedding. It gave me time to hang out with my siblings (sleepover like old times) and cook with my mom. I also made this delicious chili, watched a marathon of football games and Millionaire Matchmaker with Jeff, and got some more rugs for the house. All my work  got pushed to Sunday, but it was worth it to lounge around and decompress all week. I’m already looking forward to Christmas break. I’m feeling inspired to make work …



The morning before the wedding, BJ and I gave ourselves a few hours for brunch. We wanted to squeeze in at least one Portland establishment during our quick trip. In an Asian family, eating out is a hard task because every aunt and uncle we visited en route insisted that we sit down and eat (and they all are amazing cooks). It ended up taking longer than we expected to get ready, but once we hit Broder, we + my cousins had 45 minutes to eat and drive to the ceremony. Ahhh, it was so worth it. I’m still thinking about the breakfast sandwich (can’t go wrong with adding a runny egg!). Before going to Portland, I check out Bonnie‘s recap of her trip, and she was spot on!


I’m pretty sad this summer is coming to a close. For the first time in a while, things were wonderfully uneventful—no graduations, no moving trucks, no wedding planning, etc.—so the slow pace took some getting used to. As a teacher, I usually get up at 5:45, then I’ll get home between 4-5, and afterward I do some grading/planning in the evening. So, when my day isn’t crammed with things to do, I feel like I’ve been unproductive. I know, a little crazy. It took some adjusting, but I’m so grateful for the chance to travel, see family, celebrate other people’s weddings, and have some lazy days watching shows on Hulu. These past two months flew by, and this weekend will be my last “free” for a while.

Visiting Installations Antiques has been on my to-do list for some time. Located just a few blocks away in a former textile factory, it’s a hidden treasure. Before we stopped by, we had a hearty brunch next door at Krafts’men Baking. I’m pretty sure my jaw fell wide open the moment we walked into Installations. The quantity of unexpected and beautiful things just overwhelms you. We met one of the owners and her down-to-earth warmth made you feel at home, like you were a friend and not merely a customer. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the unique antiques, furniture, and trinkets they had (and staged so beautifully) in the rooms.

I left with some canning jars from Germany to store supplies, but this flat file is the first thing I’ll buy when my pockets deepen.