mysterious package of tamales

My first year teaching is officially over. I had major cleaning up to do in my room, but luckily my students and siblings pitched in and tackled the mess. I received my first good-bye teacher gift, a journal from one of my seniors with a personal note inside to get me through tough times, and a mysterious package of tamales with homemade sauce left by my door in the morning. There was no note so I assumed it was for me? Thanks kiddos!

Design*Sponge had some extra good posts today. My favorite one was about Jing Wei, a RISD alumni, who creates amazing woodblock prints. I ended up buying a print of the melting popsicle. She has a really unique style that sets her apart from a lot of the illustrations I’ve seen lately, which don’t lack in quirkiness and whimsy , but after awhile, they quickly get glanced over. Her prints on the other hand, are technically executed well with lots of layers and a story behind it. I think this is why I love editorial illustration. So watch out world, I think we’ll see more of her!


BJ and I are committed to getting some work produced this summer, so you won’t catch me being a bum in front of the tv. Starting tomorrow. I’ll make exceptions for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. muahahaha. I mean come on, those ladies are entertaining! I definitely think B needs to continue sketching. Here’s a photo Vanessa took back at Notre Dame when he practically lived in the library and his hair long. I’ll have to go through my photos of the one he did of Obama when I was studying at RISD.


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