painted patterns



I’ve been a fan of Baggu’s painted pouches, and a couple of weeks ago, I decided to paint a handful of pouches for M&S’s Feliz table. We’ve been planning doing painting workshop at the store , but it’s been a little too busy to set a date. So this was a nice opportunity to experiment and practice. I copied some of my sketchbook patterns onto the blue pouch, and I’m hoping to paint a few more pouches for the holidays. It’s relatively easy to free hand paint, fun, and the possibilities are endless. This was the brand I used, and a little goes a long way.

summer drinks

My summer break is sadly coming to an end very soon. This month, I’ve been going to my new classroom a few times a week to get adjusted. On off days, I’m at the store, seeing family, or trying to work on my own stuff. I haven’t been able to start anything big since my plans for an “uneventful” summer changed, but I’ve started some small projects. Above are two drink recipes I illustrated for M&S ‘s blog. They are both super tasty!


cats and cats and cats

Recently, my friend Tyler asked me to draw some cats for him and afterwards, I scanned and messed with some of the drawings just for fun.  BJ introduced me to some cat memes while I was looking up images. I’m severely allergic to cats and more of a dog person myself, but I’m now warming up to them :)


Cats small

m&s papercuts


Paper cut window mobiles for the store from my time off during Spring Break with help from Thuy. Lots going on around here. We’ve been driving back and forth to see family during the past couple of weeks, and just said good bye to the last few still here. Be back soon with more updates!


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! Here are a few shots from this month.







I’m almost done with a roll of film, so hopefully those turn out okay! Most of my time behind the camera these days are for shooting M&S stock, so I haven’t really picked up the camera just for fun. I’m slowly would like to balance that out a bit more.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed working with soft carving blocks. It’s much faster than linoleum although it probably won’t hold up as long. Like beading or paper cut, the required repetitive motions totally gets me into relaxation mode. I ended up making a of wrapping paper for the holidays, and I’m looking forward to hosting a workshop later at the store. For Christmas, I was lucky to be gifted several of Angel’s ceramic pieces. I love her use of color and pattern. We’re brainstorming ideas for a collaboration later so tuned! And finally, BJ’s been working on some new lettering that I’m really excited about. Here’s his recent one for Myth & Symbol.


Cheers friends!

circus people

My youngest sister Thuy just graduated early from SCAD last month, and she’s been at home working on her portfolio. I’ve been pestering her for the longest time to let me print some of her work. The circus people, one of my favorites, will be available soon. I’ll also post her finished website when the time comes. If anyone is looking for an awesome illustrator/designer she won’t dissapoint.

Thuy’s pinterest || blog


The last few months have been a roller coaster ride with opening M&S, transitioning back into work, and finding a place to live. I’m trying to learn how to handle stress better, and this week was a real tester. But good new – we finally found a place to lease starting at the end of this month!

I worked on this drawing in parts during my lunch breaks at school. Doodling has been my saving grace. Have a good weekend, friends.


around the shop

Some sketches I did while at the shop today for fun. (My scanner doesn’t pick up on the lighter colors.) Trying to get in the habit of drawing more and experiment with different styles.