these are a few of my favorite things


I’ve been in scanning mode- I guess I kind of miss my slide library days cleaning up all those images! Anyways, I went through my inspiration binder and found these images from Domino magazine. It would be a dream to live around all those trees and lush landscape . I can’t even keep one plant alive. Last year, my students made me a sign reminding me to water George, our classroom plant. Big fail.

The last photo couldn’t be more perfect. Mismatched furniture, frame gallery, chandeliers, tin vases &  a macbook!


  • DM says:

    The shuttering of Domino magazine was a massive blow to my total eye candy intake. Shame. If they only knew how fervent their readership was among male significant others, maybe things could have been different.

    I clearly remember EMP’s infatuation with that last photo. We’re all going to be great friends.

  • chaunguyen says:

    sigh. I know what you mean. I only started picking up Domino right before they quit publishing.

    EMP clearly has great taste ;)

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