our real wishes


I’ve been slowly making fabric flowers since the summer. Very slow. I tend to get too sentimental and attached to each object. They have a story, travelled with me to different cities, and/or were given to me by someone close. I was nervous to bring all the details together, but it all worked out in the end.

Lately, I’ve been reminded that it’s time to kick it into gear, to plan for The Big Day. And although there are too many ways to get overwhelmed, too many wedding related blogs to read, too many people to please, too many traditions to uphold, these are our real wishes: to show our friends and families how much we love and appreciate them, to craft a day that is meaningful and authentic to us, and to enjoy our day and our friends even if it means fewer DIY projects or less sleep.

And I am so happy that BJ and I have collaborated every step of the way. He is really the best.

Off I go. Om Om Om.

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