Oh man. On Thursday, I slept through my alarm and BJ had to drive me to work (since me + stress+ Houston highways = bad morning), dealt with a few difficult kiddos who made me consider throwing in the towel, and, for the third time, missed seeing Beach House! And this was only 1 day out of a pretty rough work week for the both of us. So this weekend—filled with food, family, friends, and alliteration—certainly restored our spirits a bit.



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We had friends over on Friday for wine, snacks, and girls-versus-guys Taboo. After the girls beat the guys, I went to bed early, but everyone else drank and talked until 3 a.m. The next morning, we hung out with Mai and her dog Scrappy at the new Market Square Park downtown. She invited our cousins over to her place afterwards for slowly cooked lamb shanks, ribeye steaks, mashed sweet potatoes, and bacon-looped jalapeños loaded with cream cheese. Highlight of the weekend, though, had to be playing with Scrappy, who loved to jump onto the bed and spoon. (Meanwhile, Igby was in such a territorial, jealous mood all day; her inner Napoleon rose to the surface.)

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