sun kissed


(photo by Bill)

Last weekend, we made our trip up to the northeast for a backyard wedding party. BJ’s mom went all out with the decorations, cooking, and assorted prep work. She even had a cartoonishly enlarged close-up of us that BJ half-jokingly referred to as the Asian funeral poster. We were so lucky to see many of his relatives and parents’ friends and to have Uncle Bob sing and play his accordion during the party.

We badly needed a break, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather, which was surprisingly chilly at times and much much drier than Houston’s (hello, smooth hair!) Saturday morning, as we walked from his dad’s to his mom’s and toured the town with the windows rolled down, I was like a broken record expressing how awesome the weather was. I loved being in the valley surrounded by all the hills, and the drive back to Seattle was picturesque with the evergreens, low clouds slash thick fog, fly-fishermen, orchards, and rocky cliffs.



BJ’s dad also let me test-drive an old Canon of his and—ahhhh!—I thought I took a good amount of nice portraits, only to discover I left the flash on. Those flash-on photos were washed out and gave people unhealthy, morgue-like complexions. Above are a few sun-kissed photos that I liked. With all that light in the lens, they suggest amateur versions of Fader photos. The girl in the second photo is Carly, my fellow cake lover and a little friend of the family. (And daughter of the sultan of Brunei’s former oral surgeon.)

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