keep cilantro and thyme alive

Next weekend will be super busy with my kids’ big art contest of the year, and BJ will be flying to Seattle for his mom’s 60th birthday. Pictures from the past week so far…

  • Sandals?! Enjoying the springish weather on campus.
  • Testing out my brooches
  • Teacher block. Brainstorming Art 1 watercolor lesson that will appeal to all skill levels and doesn’t involve painting Georgia O’Keefe-esque flowers?
  • Received invites (that B helped design) for our friends’ Chicago wedding. Booked tickets!
  • Sigh, my total lack of will power gave into this sparkly ring at Anthropologie.
  • This plant is still living! Goal for round two: keep cilantro and thyme alive.

Also… delicious brunch from Shade in our neighborhood (I keep thinking of their fresh pastries platter), celebratory coal-fired pizza with siblings at Grimaldi’s, and caipirinhas at Oporto

— C


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