I’ve been grumpy. I blame it on the 100+ heat, my dying mint plant, the lone commute to work, and finding time to sleep. It will past…

I like visiting my parents and seeing all the new illustrations Thuy has been making- there’s lot and lots more. I convinced her to let me scan her drawings and get prints made.

coming up for air

Wow. What a week. Kudos to all the teachers starting up again. I’m finally coming up for air.

The change from working in my room by myself this summer to suddenly interacting with 160+ teenagers for 10+ hours a day totally throws me off. Things I need to remember in order for survive next week – drink lots of water! I’ve been so dehydrated. But I feel like things are settling down and hopefully I can carve out some time to have a little fun, watch Another Earth, take pictures, and decompress!

Happy Friday!

pick me up

Some of my favorite pick me uppers

  • Painting my nails
  • Mini projects
  • Buying new supplies (currently testing out sharpeners)

back to work

Is it bad that I can’t help but think of Cee Lo when I see this picture?

It has been tough getting back to work this week with back to back meetings, getting the room ready, and being assigned to new committees. But doing these things has helped relieve some of the stress: grabbing drinks and ice cream at Grand Prize on a weekday(!), hanging out with our friends who just moved into town, and re-watching Gilmore Girls (Jess has just entered the picture).


goodbye, summer

Goodbye, summer break. I’ll miss you. My focus for this school year is balance. I want to continue working on my own projects and be able to spend more time with family and friends.


I’m pretty sad this summer is coming to a close. For the first time in a while, things were wonderfully uneventful—no graduations, no moving trucks, no wedding planning, etc.—so the slow pace took some getting used to. As a teacher, I usually get up at 5:45, then I’ll get home between 4-5, and afterward I do some grading/planning in the evening. So, when my day isn’t crammed with things to do, I feel like I’ve been unproductive. I know, a little crazy. It took some adjusting, but I’m so grateful for the chance to travel, see family, celebrate other people’s weddings, and have some lazy days watching shows on Hulu. These past two months flew by, and this weekend will be my last “free” for a while.

Visiting Installations Antiques has been on my to-do list for some time. Located just a few blocks away in a former textile factory, it’s a hidden treasure. Before we stopped by, we had a hearty brunch next door at Krafts’men Baking. I’m pretty sure my jaw fell wide open the moment we walked into Installations. The quantity of unexpected and beautiful things just overwhelms you. We met one of the owners and her down-to-earth warmth made you feel at home, like you were a friend and not merely a customer. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the unique antiques, furniture, and trinkets they had (and staged so beautifully) in the rooms.

I left with some canning jars from Germany to store supplies, but this flat file is the first thing I’ll buy when my pockets deepen.

coming to a close

Summer break is quickly coming to a close for me. I officially start work in 2 weeks, but I have yet to touch a single lesson plan so anxiety is creepin’ in. I did however go up to my classroom and move all the tables and chairs back with the help of my sister. Baby steps.

Here are some pictures from the past few days: now that I have an updated website and shop, I finally took out the never been used Gocco printer from years ago and printed up some business cards on scrap watercolor test sheets, made green rice with okra and tomatoes for dinner, had lots of fun participating in the mix swap and received mine from Liza, rejoiced that I didn’t really kill the mint plant all the way, finished a necklace, and hung up my new Jillian Tamaki print as-is until I can mat it.