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A stop at the Menil Collection, which is amazingly close to our new place. At the Twombly gallery, the guard who was working the front desk on the day we got engaged was on duty.

We’re working on getting the images bigger and cleaning up the blog during my break. Apologies for any distractions/disruptions.


Some outtakes from the M & S web shoot and bits and pieces from New York.


Lots of pet time over the past week.

Love Igby, even though she is totally spoiled rotten. And we got a few visits from Luna, the downstairs cat. She snuck up, hung out with us, got stuck between the couch and the wall, and later refused to come out from under the tree.

Portrait. Wall outside Toy Joy  & bedroom mirror.

It’s kind of hard to find a good lab that will develop and scan film for a reasonable price. My recent ones, including the ones above, have faint streaks across them. So far, the Wolf Camera on 1960 has been the best. Trial and error.