holiday card

Every year, BJ is in charge of making the holiday card for his work. This one is my favorite so far.

This week has gone by quickly. I served on a jury for the first time which was at times illuminating but also can be very draining. Those leather cushioned chairs in the juror box are deceiving- totally uncomfortable and it sounds like you fart every time you move – which I did a LOT (move not fart). It was also interesting to track which way I leaned after hearing each lawyer present , but in the end, looking at both sides, this was a clear situation in which you learn not to make snap judgements.

Looking forward to a free weekend. I need to get started on some gifts!


  • Thuy says:

    ew, gross dude.

    so BJ had this screen printed? I want to see!

  • chaunguyen says:

    move. i said move! :)

    No, he used scanned textures to get that effect.

  • Vanessa says:

    Chau! I just got picked for a jury today! Report: NY has fairly nice office-y chairs that swivel. And so far I think the process is pretty fascinating. The selection part brought out quite the cross section of Brooklynites.

  • chaunguyen says:

    It is pretty fascinating, right? I envy your swivel chairs. Ours looked like they could lean back, but it was maybe an inch or so. Ours ended in 2 days, my back probably couldn’t take it much longer.

    Miss ya!

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