Gray, cool days here. Not complaining.

My kiddos did awesome at contest. Now it’s time for a break- counting down to spring break and NYC!


Whew, things should slow down after this weekend and I’ll share more pictures of what I’ve been up to. Last weekend, we had a ton of family in town for my cousin’s wedding and I miss everyone already. I’m also in the middle of preparing my students for their big contest of the year and trying to finish grading for the marking period – all while trying to stay sane. Teenagers, they truly test your patience. Thank god for my student teacher. She has been a lifesaver.

picture of us by my cousin, Thang.

ode to my bed

Hands down the best purchase of last year. The most comfortable and colorful spot in our place where I like to crash, eat, read, watch shows, carve a linoblock and let the shavings all fall on the sheets. BJ claims that on multiple occasions, he came home and found me passed  with an open bag of pita chips by my side. Bad habits, I know. So tempted to take a day off and sleep!



More film…

Things I got my dude for dressing up: chambray shirt, Hill-side floral tie, and Dude No.1 beard oil despite his inability to grow a beard. All of which I can easily borrow, but I promise I wasn’t thinking about it that when I bought them!


the holidays

Finally developed film from the holidays, which already seems like a distant memory.

I had my first student teacher for a week now. I was a little nervous to have someone else in my classroom, but she has been a blessing! I remember those days like it was yesterday. Time really is flying by …