Chau and B.J.'s notes from Space City

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Some outtakes from the M & S web shoot and bits and pieces from New York.


A few outtakes from the last roll. Between navigating buildout hiccups and the less fun details of starting a business, BJ and I took a break to shoot a few items of M&S stock in the MFAH sculpture garden and around the house. I always have an easier time shooting film than digital, although I know it’s not always a feasible option.

A big thank you to Ameet and my sister for handling a lot of the buildout (especially while we’re away) and BJ for being a patient stand-in model and taking the photos. In the future, I probably will be the one behind the camera—I looked so awkward in most of the unused shots!


Some greenery outside the Glassell school. Between teaching and working on the store, it’s been a little hard to carve out time to draw or paint, but taking the camera around the city has been fun. Plus, I have to take advantage of outdoor time before the Houston heat hits.

I hope everyone is having a good week!