Austin roadtrip

pictures from my iphone and camera of the last few days

I can definitely feel the end of summer break getting closer, and I’m trying to fight off the back to school anxieties (does it ever go away?) Last weekend, BJ and I decided to take a last minute road trip to Austin since we didn’t really do anything for our anniversary earlier in the month and the store was finally finished. It was nice to take a mental break from everything and just relax. We grabbed pizza from Homeslice, walked along South Congress, bought swim trunks at Stag’s, visited Domy and Busy Beings, ordered drinks and small plates from Contigo (I love the crispy green beans), made a midnight food truck stop at East Side Kings, ate some amazing pulled pork tacos at Elaine’s while waiting for our table at Eastside Cafe, and browsed the Barney’s Co-Op on our way back to Houston. I often forget how relatively close we are to Austin, but it was just what we needed. I’m looking forward to going back for Feliz!

austin highlights

All week, I had an itch to get out of town so on Saturday, we set off for Austin. The highlights include eye candy at Kickpleat and Spartan, meeting up with my cousins and sharing fresh seafood at Perla’s, a 1 am Homeslice pizza run, bubble tea from Toy Joy, delicious brunch and drinks at South Congress Cafe (Carrot cake French Toast!!!), picking up vanilla cones twice at rest stops, listening to music non stop and taking in the changing scenery during the drive back to Houston. Yep, most of these are food related. PB&J for the rest of the week!



Roadtrip to Austin to see my cousin finish the MS 150. She beat her time by a lot this year, so we missed her crossing the finish line, but we were there to help her celebrate afterwards!

  • Texas flatlands
  • Hopdoddy – juiciest burgers ever
  • Stag – Amazing men’s store
  • Big Top Candy Shop
  • Spartan|Bows + Arrows – picked up a pretty necklace
  • Passing through small towns on the way home
  • Houston sprawl

off the wall

This Sunday, we drove to Austin to see my cousin finish the ms150 (150 miles in 2 days). I’m so proud of her and of all the old men with huge beer bellies victoriously crossing the line—I don’t know how they do it. We had a really relaxing afternoon with her two kids, saw a lot of cute dogs, and made some awesome purchases on Congress Street. And ate some of the best bar-b-q from Salt Lick. Here’s one of the purchases we came back with:


an old printer’s tray from Off the Wall. There was another one with a more unique handle, but this was a lot sturdier. It has so much potential, and I can’t help but think about this shelf below from Elisabeth Dunker’s blog. I can’t wait to start filling it up!