A few things I sent in mail to Geoff for our collaboration.

  1. 1 half of the night stand top
  2. hand drawn pattern for a pillow based on a few sketches combined

Happy Friday. We’re treating our parents to sushi and a late anniversary dinner tonight. And BJ and I look forward to a “no plans” weekend. Yes!!!

strangely calming

B + C

For me, the best way to unwind after a long day is to work on patterns. I wouldn’t mind getting paid to do this all day. The same applies to other activities like cutting rubylith, paper, or split ends. I find the repetitive motions strangely calming (One time I spent two hours at the library looking at split ends instead of writing a paper. Kind of gross, I know.)

Most of the drawings are related to BJ and me—places we’ve been, themes we’re drawn to. The plans are to somehow incorporate it into our wedding, but the ampersand can be easily adapted to other combinations like these:

  1. peanut butter  + chocolate
  2. strawberry + lemonade
  3. me + you
  4. snow days + sleeping in

The possibilities are endless!

side projects

Table design by Geoffrey Keating

Snippets of a few side projects I’m starting to work on. And tonight, we’re eating at Feast! And there’s a cold front in Houston and we got to wear jackets. And there’s a student holiday on Monday so I get to work in a quiet room. And…I love weekends.