I remember working at a show in Boston and seeing Steven and William Ladd’s Ant War Box wishing I could one day own a little piece of their work. The closest I’ve come: picking up the issue of American Craft with the feature on the Ladd brothers. Their new Colony necklace finally brings their one-of-a-kind work within reach (of my budget).


Available at Anthropologie and in silver and brass on their website.

Speaking of jewelry, I wish I could be in NYC this week for this Hannah Clark sale and Odette Open Studio.

New York. Spring

Long over due. Here are some of my favorites from Thuy’s camera. Enjoy.


Central Park

hannah_clarkHannah-Clark. East Village. 


The shop is small and cozy with jewlery and other trinkets in every nook and cranny. I loved all the different vintage displays. It looked like a page right out of Anthropologie! When we got there, she was working in her studio tucked in the back of the store. I ended up buying a pair of lion studs, which I had a few good wears out of until I lost one of the earrings. :( I think I was fidgeting too much at work, and it got loose and escaped.