I prefer buffets over seated dinners

photo by Jen Gotch. amazing photographer.

So, after today, I am going to take a break looking at all the wedding porn (didn’t make the word up, but it is so perfect). It’s a year away. Yep, I realized it’s not that far away, but I think I need to focus on our end goal: that everyone has a good time and knows how much we appreciate them celebrating with us! My dad is very eager in the planning stages, and for a while I started obsessing over all the details. Do I really need to worry about linen folds and table number cards? I want things to be pretty and different, but that can be achieved without following the costly traditional route, right?

Anyways, I still plan on DIY-ing as much as I can. One, it’ll make the process a lot more enjoyable and meaningful. Two, I’ll still feel in control of some things. However, there are a couple of things that are out of our control, such as venues and dinner set-up. I prefer buffets over seated dinners because you have to interact with more people and you can eat seconds if you choose! But when I suggested that, it was like (scoff) We can’t ask Vietnamese people to wait in line for food! I know some people are going to talk no matter what, but this is one battle I will not fight ’cause I won’t win. Heck, if I had it my way, I would throw a huge party by the beach. Bonfires, s’mores, twinkling lights . . .  should have waited for someone else to be the first to marry :)

Haven’t checked with B yet, but here are a few things I think I’m going to nix: professional photographer, videographer, traditional engagement shots, groom’s cake, bouquet and garter toss, veil & ring boy.

Instead of having a photographer, I’m hoping to get some of my photo friends to take a few shots for us with different film formats. So far I plan on using polaroids, black and white 35mm, and a holga. During my wedding web borrowing mania, I came across A Desert Fete, and I fell in love with their images. Definitely a look I want to go for.



Gorgeous photos by Michelle Pullman. check her out

This is not going to turn into a wedding blog. We’ll save it for another website muahaha. Some things I look forward to when the wedding bells do ring: Seeing all my family from all over the world, hanging out with our Notre Dame and RISD friends, the rehearsal  dinner, & before and after activities. Oh, and marrying B! duh.