clutch city



 I used some cardstock paper to make this banner for my classroom. 

rockets_watch Aaron Brooks scores another 3. Look at Igby sleeping on my shoulder!

The past few weeks have revolved around Rocket games: when to sleep, when to go to the gym, when to eat, when to start Mother’s Day brunch, when to wear red, and so on. I was lucky enough to go to Game 4, and although I lost my voice screaming and cheering and I gained a few pounds from the fries it was still fun despite the lost. Today was a much better and exciting game!


BJ and I are finally wearing our GAP (RED) artist’s T’s on the same day. His is by Mike Perry and mine is by Matt Owen. Summer break can’t come any sooner. I desperately need some rest, but I feel very blessed that the first year has gone by relatively smoothly.