some of the best things to receive


Lena Corwin’s Travel Poster from BJ. The mail gods were interfering with our plans to get this poster in our hands, but Lena persevered, and it finally got to us! The poster is basically a tour of European architecture—italicized!


Some of the best things to receive, buy, share are Mike Perry‘s printed works. I snagged Issue #2 (Swimsuit Edition) of Untitled, a zine devoted to his shifting interests. I admire how each element of it—the pictures, clothes, drawings, etc.—belongs to a collaborative effort and one does not outshine the other. Anna’s poetic black-and-white photographs and Mike’s innocent injections of color are the perfect complements.


Untitled Issue # 3 One Photo Shoot


This poster was tucked among the zines as a nice surprise. It looks like a dog-pile of monsters made out of sherbet. I think it’ll go perfectly in my classroom!

imperfect grids, polka dots

recent purchases:

Mike Perry Bandages from UO. I scored it at the bottom of the basket for 1.99!!! Now you can look stylish even when you’re hurt.


Anthropologie pillow.

Major plus: you can wash the covers easily. :) Did you know that, when we were younger, my mom put a plastic tarp underneath our eating table because we were so messy? It was much easier for her to shake the food off outside than to clean up the floor. Don’t we sound a little barbaric?  See, I didn’t like to eat meat when I was small, so I would strategically  throw it under other people’s seats and then offer to clean up after the meal. Or I would hide huge chunks of meat in plant pots. Muahaha.

chronicle_books journal_detail Chronicle Books journal. I love the color palette, and the inside pages have more pretty designs like: imperfect grids, polka dots, etc. In this case, I think it’s an owl done right. Just sayin’

dress_sneakSneak peak at my dress.

So I bought the first one I tried on. (I did try on 1 other after that.) I know that probably goes against all the “rules” but I wanted to get this step over with. Don’t get me wrong: it’s beautiful and my mom really likes it, too, but the more important things to me are planning activities, food, and CANDY. Also, when school starts up, I’d rather sleep in than drive around in the heat shopping for my dress. Now I need to find a good seamstress and that’ll be one huge thing I can check off my list.

thuy_momMom and baby sister, Thuy. Don’t they look cute?

Jury duty tomorrow!

clutch city



 I used some cardstock paper to make this banner for my classroom. 

rockets_watch Aaron Brooks scores another 3. Look at Igby sleeping on my shoulder!

The past few weeks have revolved around Rocket games: when to sleep, when to go to the gym, when to eat, when to start Mother’s Day brunch, when to wear red, and so on. I was lucky enough to go to Game 4, and although I lost my voice screaming and cheering and I gained a few pounds from the fries it was still fun despite the lost. Today was a much better and exciting game!


BJ and I are finally wearing our GAP (RED) artist’s T’s on the same day. His is by Mike Perry and mine is by Matt Owen. Summer break can’t come any sooner. I desperately need some rest, but I feel very blessed that the first year has gone by relatively smoothly.

Midwest is Best

Chez Perry

Design Sponge looks at the Brooklyn home of Mike Perry, one of our favorite artists. Whether or not you know it, you’ve probably seen his work in the form of his hand-drawn, sweetly childlike hipster typography for the likes of Urban Outfitters and countless magazines. Fitted into every crevice of the house is a mini-gallery. The vibe of the place is comfortable and warm, while staying simple and showcasing good design.