there are places I remember

I definitely got a little teary-eyed when the Dome came into view on our drive from Chicago to South Bend. This trip back to Notre Dame was a long time coming. It was my first time back in more than 3 years, and I’ve been thinking about when I’d return ever since the day I left. Finally, many things (a friend’s wedding, the holidays, my sister’s vacation, collaborations, etc.) fell into place and we got the opportunity to spend an entire week visiting all our favorite spots (a.k.a. restaurants/bars) and people (a.k.a. teachers, bosses, family members, and fellow married couples). We could go on and on about how special this place is to us, but I’ll try to sum it up: this is where we met, where we forged lasting bonds and planted the seeds for later friendships

more pictures here. I took a disposable for our trip and I’m not too happy with how the first one was developed and scanned (lots of scratches and dust), but the second roll will be up once it’s finished.


Speaking of all nighters… lots of memories made in this building. I can’t believe two years have passed since we were on the steps.


Our good friend Ben and my sister will be starting here soon. I think BJ and I will have to fly up one weekend and revisit all our favorite spots. We haven’t found a shrimp tempura roll as good as Mikado & Beth swears by their fried rice. Kind of unusual that our favorite sushi place is in a landlocked state.

I felt like I was going crazy today because I couldn’t figure out my projector. I need both my projector and monitor to work when they’re plugged into the computer. Sounds simply right? I had it figured out last year, but I’ve spent at least 3 hours reconnecting wires. If I want one to work, I have to unplug and restart the computer. Grrrrr. Help!

I’m going to have to go to school tomorrow morning to finish up on some cleaning and preparation for Monday. I’m looking forward to seeing Post Grad with BJ and my sisters. I can’t believe summer is almost gone…