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It’s been a busy last couple of weeks for us, and there are lots more big decisions to make soon. We finally got our invites printed and they’re almost all out in the mail. Finally! BJ did all the lettering—his middle-school calligraphy lessons definitely (BJ: “finally”) came in handy! And the front was made with scanned paper cuts. More details soon once I find the files.

In other news, Lost is getting so good and I’ve been drinking one can of Coke a day. Sigh.


Yes! Winter break! I finally have some time to make stuff besides lesson plans. This papercut will be part of  my parents’ Christmas gift. Although I really enjoyed making it, my back and neck are hating me so much right now. BJ and I decided we’re going to make it a tradition to give each other homemade cards. I finished his yesterday, but I’ll have to post it later. I’m not so great with surprises, but I’m working on it …


I’m slowly making flowers from recycled and remnant fabric. I’m not sure how they’ll be used this summer…


… but maybe I’ll pair them with some of these guys from the Rhode Island Recycling center? (Another thing I miss about Providence. You can buy scraps of silk and quality fabric for 15 cents a pound!)


Playing around with some ideas for the groomsmen.