this time around

These are from yesterdays workshop. I actually like the plate on it’s own, especially the shiny duct tape, although I’m sure it will discolor over time. I have a bad habit of picking up new mediums and projects and forgetting about the ones that still need to be finished. So although, my first time with collograph was years ago at a summer session in Ox-Bow, I’m glad I got the chance to do it again. This time around, I really learned how everyday objects such as mailing tape, sandpaper, painter’s tape, etc. could produce a rich and wide range of texture and tones. And since there’s a new print shop that opened down the street- I really have no excuse not to continue working on some new plate.

bob dylan

Happy belated Birthday, Bob Dylan! I remember you were all we listened to in art class some days.

I pulled this linoleum proof as a demo yesterday from an old block of mine. Can’t wait to do more this summer! One more weeeeeek.

small things


Sometimes if I know things will be a little crazy at school, I’ll do a pen illustration related to our class project the night before. Then, for a few minutes each period, I’ll squeeze in some watercolor time. Trust me, it’s these small things that make a huge difference in terms of mental wellness! (But I really can’t complain much about my kids, they’re a good bunch… it’s the 6 classes in a row that’s exhausting!)